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Importer, Distributor and Manufacturer

All our branches are Chain of Custody and PEFC Certified.

With Rembrand Timber midway through its fourth decade of growth it would be easy for us to forget where we came from and what it was that our customers liked so much. Equally, it's important that our customers have a clear idea of who Rembrand Timber are and why it is to their advantage to work with us. 

The reality is Rembrand Timber is not only a merchant, but also

  •  an importer of timber products;

  •  a manufacturer of timber products;

  •  and a major distributor of locally sourced timber and building products

    Rembrand Timbers customers have benefited from this set up, which in turn has kept them coming back for 35 years.  


Rembrand Timber - The Importer

A big part of what we do is act as an importer for timber and timber products from foreign markets. This goes right back to 1985 when Rembrand Timber first secured exclusive rights to import eidai plywood from a Japanese owned mill in Brazil into the Scottish market. Over the years we have continued to source products from countries around the globe, including Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, France, Poland, Spain and Canada.

Because of our direct procurement, we can pass those savings onto our customers.  


Rembrand Timber – The Distributor

Rembrand Timber has enduring and successfull relationships with the biggest timber, panel and joinery manufacturers in the UK. Companies like Norbord, Jeld-wen UK, Velux and BSW have relied on Rembrand Timbers coverage to provide them with a route to market goods from their UK based operations. In the 90’s Rembrand became Norbord, Velux and Jeld-wens biggest independent customers in Scotland. 

It simply means that in any of our stores, our customers can come in and get the best possible price and service on the large selection of products available from these companies (and others), alongside our imported range of products; not to mention our manufactured products.


Rembrand Timber – The Manufacturer

Rembrand Timber manufactures timber profiles, doorsets and roof trusses from its three factories in Scotland. 

At Tealing our timber processing machinery allows us to run a vast range of standard and bespoke mouldings in any commercially available species of timber. We can also breakdown large timber sizes into smaller ones meaning an increase on the availability and flexibility of our stock, and our treatment plant allows us to treat structural timber to order.  

At our doorset factory in Dundee we manufacture doorsets and cut and aperature doors to specification. Alot of the doors for these doorsets are bought in from suppliers but it is also possible for us to manufacture bespoke doors from timber components.

Our roof truss subsidiary Kingdom Timber Engineering assembles roof trusses, floor cassettes and other engineered timber components at their factory in Glenrothes.

What this means for our customers

Our customers like the fact that our production is so closely integrated with our branch network and distribution. Instead of paying a middle man to package things up differently they can buy timber direct from the our mill, sheet materials direct from us; and doorsets and roof trusses direct from our factories.  

That allows us to offer levels of service at rates that our competitors just can't provide, at prices that they cannot beat, and that is the winning combination which pays dividends for Rembrand Timbers customers.