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Senior Scottish Appointments



Scottish timber specialists Thornbridge Sawmills and Rembrand Timber have strengthened their national sales team with three key appointments.

The companies, which are both part of National Timber Group, have introduced a new Sales and National Account Director, as well as Regional Sales Director. The newly created positions have been filled by Ricky McGarry, David Brown, and Fraser McNicol, respectively.

Sales Director, Ricky McGarry has worked in the construction industry for almost 40 years and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, which will benefit the Group’s customers. Ricky is responsible for the sales and development of 27 branches as well as the National Sales Office and Grangemouth Operations and is also looking to expand into new geographical regions and market sectors.

David Brown, National Account Director, has more than three decades’ experience and is a specialist in key account management. He has been working at Rembrand Timber since 2013 and impressed during his time as an Area Sales Manager, securing a well-earned promotion.

Regional Sales Director, Fraser McNicol is also an internal promotion. He has worked at Thornbridge Sawmills for five years and was previously a Manager at its Glasgow branch.

Nick Ratcliffe, Managing Director, National Timber Group (Scotland), said: “Ricky, David, and Fraser are brilliant appointments and have all hit the ground running. They will help us deliver even better service to key customers by providing consistent points of contact that understand their business requirements.”

Ricky McGarry said: “I’m delighted to have joined National Timber Group Scotland at such an exciting time. There is a great team already in place and I’m looking forward to working together to increase the reach and service offer provided by Rembrand and Thornbridge.”

COVID-19 Trading Update 03.11.20

COVID-19 Trading Update 03.11.20

Tighter Restrictions but we Remain Open

Supporting Construction, Manufacturing, Tradespeople & DIY Customers

With tighter restrictions coming into force across Scotland, we wanted to reassure you that as Scotland’s largest timber construction supplier; our 18 Rembrand Timber stores will continue to operate, supplying materials to vital sectors including national infrastructure, construction and manufacturing, as well as our Tradespeople and DIY customers.

COVID-Resistant Operating Procedures in Place.

To maintain the safety and well-being of our colleagues, customers & suppliers, COVID-resistant operating procedures are already in place in all our depots, please follow our site rules to prevent the spread of the virus:

 Contact-free trading, collections & deliveries
 2m social distancing
 Strict hygiene routine
 Please wear a face-covering when visiting our branches. You must by law, wear a Face-covering when entering our public shop areas

Call us to Pre-Order & Collect Your Timber Supplies

Save time with pre-picked orders and contact-free collections with our premium call & collect service.

 Simply Call or email your local depot to place your order in advance
 Agree a collection date & time
 Your order will be pre-picked & waiting for you to collect

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Our Doors Remain Open

DIY Tips

At Rembrand, we are dedicated to helping our customers achieve their DIY dreams. Whether you’re putting up a timber fence or decking in your garden, replacing a kitchen worktop, or even transforming your home with a new staircase, we have all of the helpful hints and tips to aid you.

When starting a new DIY project, safety should be your first concern, no matter the plan or goal. While accidents can happen, you can largely prevent them by being cautious, responsible and by following our basic DIY safety tips.

Our Tips for DIY Protection

 Many DIY gurus will make the mistake of thinking if your creation is for outdoor use, that safety doesn’t need to be as important. But, if you’re sawing wood outside for a fence or play area for your children, there is an even greater risk of inhaling sawdust that is being carried by the wind. This is why we suggest that no matter where you are when cutting timber or wood, that you wear a high-quality dust mask! They should also be worn when using hazardous materials like glass or spray paint.

Another tip that you should follow when cutting wood is to always wear thick gloves and goggles. Gloves will prevent your hands from getting any splinters, and the goggles will stop sawdust from entering your eyes. While these issues may sound trivial, you can risk serious eye damage without proper protection. We also advise that you do not rely on face shields, in place of goggles, that don’t form a seal against your face as they are often completely open at the bottom, which means that dust and smaller chips can still fly in behind the shield.

More Tips for Protection

  • Wear earplugs when working with loud machinery.
  • Always have a first aid kit to hand. Accidents can happen at any time.
  • Ensure that the area you are working in is well ventilated in preparation for the job to begin.

Putting a Stop to Potential Hazards

Of course, when it comes to preventing hazards from getting in the way of your DIY project, there are a number of basic tips you should follow. These include taking your time with your work, as rushing is likely to cause accidents and you may do a poor job. As well as, taking care around children. If you’re crafting a playhouse or area for your children from timber, then be aware of any children around you who may be at risk. Make sure that tools and chemicals are out of reach and you know where little ones are at all times.

Follow our tips for more ways to prevent hazards below.

  • Try to keep a clean and organised workspace.
  • Make sure any room which you are painting is kept well ventilated or when using any substance that creates toxic fumes.
  • Never smoke while painting or around freshly painted surfaces.
  • Switch off the power in a building before doing work on electrical circuits or connections and always wear rubber-soled shoes.
  • When using ladders, never lean to one side. Always make sure they are set up and stored according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Never attempt DIY when under the influence of intoxicants such as alcohol or drugs.
  • Never try to answer your phone and do DIY at the same time. Choose one or the other; distractions cause accidents.
  • If you are unsure, then consult a professional.
  • When the job is done ensure you store your tools away safely.

Using the Right Tools

 When beginning your DIY projects, you should always make sure you have the correct tools for the job. Making sure your tools are correct will improve the quality of work that you do massively and also make the process easier and more efficient. For example, if you’re doing work in the kitchen by replacing worktops or adding in a breakfast bar or new splashback surfaces, then it’s imperative that you use the right tools to ensure our new kitchen area is not going to fall apart.

We have put together some top tips for tools that will help you to achieve your DIY dreams

  • Only use the correct tools for the job.
  • Ensure you know how to use the tools needed for the job, prior to starting.
  • Avoid cheap tools; instead, invest in high-quality tools as these will be safer and more effective for the job.
  • When using knives, keep blades sharp and always cut away from your body.
  • Store tools safely in a box or secured in a rack. Make sure they are always away from children.
  • When operating a drill, avoid wearing jewellery, loose clothing or anything that could get caught in the machine.
  • Never leave active power tools unattended.
  • Never use power tools in the rain.

Getting Started

Now that you have read through all of our handy hints and tips, you are ready to get started on your DIY! At Rembrand, we understand the importance that high-quality materials have on making sure your DIY project turns out just right, so why not explore our wide collection of materials and supplies available? We are more than just timber and are proud to offer a wide range of premium sheet materials, including plywood, chipboard and pine board. As well as a selection of high-quality staircases, flooring and doors and windows that are of the highest quality and will transform your home.


Feel Good about Wood

Feel good about wood

Knowing that the timber you buy from us is sourced with the environment and sustainability in mind, we think, will make you feel good.

In this ever-changing world, it’s easy to focus on the daily pressures of our lives.  For many the pandemic has brought the environment to the fore, for others, it’s the everyday that needs our attention.  Either way, at Rembrand we endeavour to be mindful across a broad range of issues, big and small, ensuring that our philosophy to adhere to our environmental principles remains steadfast.

Keeping the Environment Front of Mind

For all our customers, whether you’re installing decking, planning a self-build, or working within the construction industry, we remain committed to making sure our customers feel good about wood.  We work hard to ensure we source sustainably with corporate and social responsibility at the helm of everything we do.  All our wood products and timber are carefully sourced and whatever your requirements may be. We’re keen that our customers know that we constantly review our environmental credentials and remain motivated to achieve and exceed environmental legislation.

Environmental commitment

Even in these unusual times it’s still important for us to reassure you that this commitment remains a priority, and it’s not just about having our paperwork in order.  We see our responsibilities as a large part of our obligation managing a business in today’s economy and ensuring our resources and our people are protected in this ever-changing world.

Our commitment certainly includes striving to continually improve our environmental performance, but it’s also about being active on our key responsibilities, such as being a good neighbour in the communities within which we work.  We’re already on with waste management and reduction, preventing pollution, recycling materials, reducing carbon emissions and improving transport efficiency. We’re also controlling noise emissions for our people, customers and neighbours, and promoting health and safety, fundraising and being proactive within our communities.

Go on, feel pleased with yourself

So as you sit back feeling the glow of achievement in the sun on the new decking you’ve just installed, or admiring the burgeoning structure of a much-anticipated project, we hope we can bring you some additional pride in the wood that has helped you achieve what you’re after.

As a construction industry professional, you may also be reassured that your new buyers are happy in the knowledge that materials in their new property have been considered, rather than just supplied.  For all our customers, we want you to feel good about your wood – just a small ‘win’ in these uncertain times.


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