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Feel Good about Wood

Feel good about wood

Knowing that the timber you buy from us is sourced with the environment and sustainability in mind, we think, will make you feel good.

In this ever-changing world, it’s easy to focus on the daily pressures of our lives.  For many the pandemic has brought the environment to the fore, for others, it’s the everyday that needs our attention.  Either way, at Rembrand we endeavour to be mindful across a broad range of issues, big and small, ensuring that our philosophy to adhere to our environmental principles remains steadfast.

Keeping the Environment Front of Mind

For all our customers, whether you’re installing decking, planning a self-build, or working within the construction industry, we remain committed to making sure our customers feel good about wood.  We work hard to ensure we source sustainably with corporate and social responsibility at the helm of everything we do.  All our wood products and timber are carefully sourced and whatever your requirements may be. We’re keen that our customers know that we constantly review our environmental credentials and remain motivated to achieve and exceed environmental legislation.

Environmental commitment

Even in these unusual times it’s still important for us to reassure you that this commitment remains a priority, and it’s not just about having our paperwork in order.  We see our responsibilities as a large part of our obligation managing a business in today’s economy and ensuring our resources and our people are protected in this ever-changing world.

Our commitment certainly includes striving to continually improve our environmental performance, but it’s also about being active on our key responsibilities, such as being a good neighbour in the communities within which we work.  We’re already on with waste management and reduction, preventing pollution, recycling materials, reducing carbon emissions and improving transport efficiency. We’re also controlling noise emissions for our people, customers and neighbours, and promoting health and safety, fundraising and being proactive within our communities.

Go on, feel pleased with yourself

So as you sit back feeling the glow of achievement in the sun on the new decking you’ve just installed, or admiring the burgeoning structure of a much-anticipated project, we hope we can bring you some additional pride in the wood that has helped you achieve what you’re after.

As a construction industry professional, you may also be reassured that your new buyers are happy in the knowledge that materials in their new property have been considered, rather than just supplied.  For all our customers, we want you to feel good about your wood – just a small ‘win’ in these uncertain times.


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